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Maybe it's because I've spent so long trying to conceive, but I buy almost strictly First Choice EPT's now. Nothing fancy, it's just the 99 cent o​r dollar test where you use a dropper for the urine, and they have always worked just fine for me. Showed positive even before a missed period. (Mind you, I had 5.5-6 week cycles)

So now, I just can't justify buying brand name and spending out the whazoo, except for a keepsake one when I'm officially pregnant.

I think the newest weeks-predictor one is TOTALLY awesome though, perhaps because I'm a nerd. Anyone used it? Found it if it predicts correctly (for you)?

I know some avid fertility queens who just buy tests in bulk online for cheap so they can pee on a stick every day. (I've almost been there. I'm not at that point YET.)

What about you guys? Do you care which stick you pee on? Have some worked better than others for you? Can you BELIEVE we have freakin' mini computers in our pregnancy tests now?!

I may be the only one who gets excited about this sort of thing, lol.

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    8Theresa Gould
    The last few years my husband just buys a dollar store pregnancy test. I can only remember buying them once in the past few years. I tried other brands early on but the dollar ones have worked fine for us. I didn't look back once I learned about them.
      I can see buying a more expensive one as a confirmation once you already got a positive out of a dollar store one, but why spend $20 on something that your going to pee on and have to throw away disappointed if its negative.
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        10c each! Where did you find this deal? I may be on that route, though I'm hoping once everything normalizes the five I bought the other day will get me by! Lol.
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