Food Aversions in Early Pregnancy

For me, it was basically anything healthy.

Vegetables- YUCK, gag, no. ​

Fruits- Sure! Then an hour later, yuck, gag, no.

Basically anything that wasn't macaroni and cheese was off limits, until that also became a source of gagging.

I had aversions like crazy during early pregnancy.

What foods were you most averse to in the first trimester? And beyond, if you'd like. :) On the converse, what foods were your biggest cravings?

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    8Theresa Gould
    Depends on which pregnancy because most of them were just a little different from the others. It could be raw meat or anything really. I had the worst time with my fourth, who was my first son. I lost 10 lbs in the first trimester because I could only eat fruit basically and maybe some crackers or toast.
    Yeah. With my first pregnancy I couldn't even walk past the meat department at the grocery store without getting sick. I had such bad morning sickness with my first pregnancy that I went from 165 lbs down to 148 lbs in the first trimester.
      With my first pregnancy I had morning sickness so bad that everything came back up. I got to the point that I just ate whatever I wanted and hoped it would stay down. Also I started trying to figure out what foods to eat so that if they did come back up it wouldn't come out my nose and would mask the taste of the stomach acid. I figured out that the Golden Graham snack bars with a small drink of Dr. Pepper would stay down pretty well and when it came up it would come up really smooth, didn't burn, was thick enough to not come out my nose, and really didn't taste too bad.

      With my second pregnancy I didn't have near as much or near as bad morning sickness. I had a food aversion as far as I could eat it but it would come back up minutes later. I couldn't eat anything with tomatoes. I couldn't eat spaghetti or pizza. It sucked. The fact that I couldn't eat spaghetti or pizza made them my biggest craving. It didn't help anything that my family was prettywell living on spaghetti or pizza at the time. We would do spaghetti once or twice a week and order pizza from the local Casey's once a week to once every couple of weeks. We figured out that taco pizza without sauce was really good and didn't cause problems. I picked the tomato pieces off.

      With both pregnancies I didn't really have any major cravings or super strange cravings. Not to say I didn't eat some really strange combinations of foods but I didn't really crave them. My biggest thing with food in the second and especially third trimester was that I had to smell it. We would walk the food court at the mall or drive past a bunch of restaurants until I smelled something that made my mouth water unless the hubby had something in mind that he wanted.
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          Amanda Hurley
          Early on EVERYTHING was adverse. Now my cravings are ice and Cherub tomatoes.
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