5 things!

Okay Mamas.. I thought I would ask you all the top FIVE things you used when you first had your baby at home.. perhaps for the first month, 5 things that you used the most! :)​

everyone told me not to use the breast pump in the first month because it will make you over produce....I didn't care I would rather be over productive and have extra for car rides and out in public than be over full and have them hurt.
I did it with Bentley, and will probably do it with the next one too.
    With our second baby the top 6 things we used were...

    1. Diapers and wipes
    2. We used some thinner hand towels instead of burp rags because they are bigger. She liked and still likes to snuggle with them and chew on them.
    3. We nursed but we also supplemented with formula. Baby didn't like the nipple on any of the bottles except the wide width drop in bottle we had that had a latex nipple so we used a lot of the drop ins.
    4. A lot of blankets and we ended up changing our shirts a lot because she has such a sensitive stomach and spit up almost constantly.
    5. A friend of ours gave us a swaddle me wrap. Ali did really well with it the first time so we used it every time we would lay her down so it got washed every couple of days.
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        Amanda Hurley
        Diapers, lanolin cream, baby lotion, wipes, receiving blankets.
          2.baby body wash
          4.swaddling blankets
          5.does my boobs count?? if not than his bouncer
          With our first we had a bassinet given to us and she grew out of it quickly and went to the cradle that we were given. When she outgrew that she went to the pack n play that we had. We just moved it from the living room to her room. We eventually got her a crib that converts into a toddler bed.

          For our second we skipped the bassinet and went with the cradle except she wouldn't sleep in it so she slept and still sleeps in her glider most of the time. Sometimes I will lay her in her cradle. Her pack n play is at the babysitters for nap time.
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              1- hand sanitizer ( you'll have a lot of guest the first 2 weeks and don't want everyone's germy hands on your new baby)
              2-alcohol for their umbilical cord area( my second pooped all they way up there I was so scared it would get infected
              3-diapers and wipes
              4- bottles, formula, and pacifiers
              5- blankets, burp rags, and plenty of clothes for baby and mommy( you'll be peed, pooped and puked on sooo much lol)
                I feel like diapers and wipes are a given in this case so my top five other items.
                1. Boppy pillow. I use it to prop baby up when feeding or she sleeps in it (supervised of course)
                2. Three in one pack-n-play. She sleeps in the napper right now, but it also has a bassinet.
                3. Button down sleepers! These make late night/mid morning diaper changes so easy. I always had an extra on hand at night just in case.
                4. You can't have too many burp cloths. Handmade ones are amazing, but any of them work.
                5. A really awesome diaper bag. Mine doubles as my purse and has plenty of room for extra blankets and clothes for baby. You're going to want a great diaper bag. :)
                Also, it's not really a thing, but that whole sleep when they sleep saying? Good luck the first few days. After a week it won't be an issus
                Sleeping when baby sleeps is easier when you have just the baby. When you have baby and an older child it isn't as easy. Nap times don't line up most of the time.
                  1. Diapers/wipes
                  2. Blankets
                  3. Good nursing bra
                  4. Sleep sheep
                  5. My camera
                    1. cute outfits
                    2. oh so many diapers & wipes
                    3. my breast milk ;)
                    4. camera
                    5. Nursing pillow
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