I love surprising my kids or my husband. I have some ideas coming up for the holidays and hopefully I'll remember to share them. Do you like surprises? How do you surprise your hubby or kids?​

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I love surprises!! My hubby hates hates them. So I usually get him two or three gifts, tell him about 1 that he will tell me he wants, but not about the others, which I always try to make more personal and sentimental. That way it doesn't take from the holidays. I also try surprising him for other holidays and his birthday, though it usually gets messed up somehow. Just my luck.

    He isn't as good at surprising... he tries, though. And I appreciate it. It's not because he can't keep a secret, but because he just isn't very sweet, or romantic. Or creative. He tries to get me things I'll be interested in. I am probably doomed to get cheap metal jewelry from Hot Topic that I am allergic to and can't wear, and snow globes because I collect them, for the rest of my life.

    It kind of makes me sad, because I love him and I know he really tries, and I hate not being able to show off his presents. But at least I make him happy, that's what is more important to me. And this time next year, the holidays will be all about our son.
      Amanda Hurley
      I bring home little things here and there that they like from the grocery store.
        I LOVE surprises! And my husband is REALLY good at surprising me... so are my parents.. I guess we love them and appreciate the thought behind them!

        Not only in gifts.. but since we all live states away.. we have all surprised each other by visiting already.. my brother when he first moved to HHI.. so fun! I surprised my Mom for her birthday by showing up and she had no idea.. then this past Easter, my parents and hubby surprised ME by driving 700+ miles and I had no clue :)
          8Theresa Gould
          We did this for our children. We tried not to tell them my mom was coming one visit and though some of them were suspecting, they just screamed when we met up with her! It was awesome! :)
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