Proud mommy moment

So vincent is a bit behind on milestones cuz of of toracollis. He has been working with a physical therpy.
He is now sitting up without me having to worry if he will fall back and hit his head. He has better control of his falls.
He rolls all over. And he was just army crawling with no head control.

Well today he finally did an army crawl with perfect head control. And he was on his tummy army crawling and i look at him and he is in a sitting postion. He got himself into a sitting positon without help.

    That's awesome!!! Way to go Vincent!!!!
    The milestones are awesome when it comes after difficult times.
    He has made so much progress with therpy but its so worth it.
    I feel so bad as i didnt get as excited with haiden and logan completing sitting up, rolling over, army crawling and regular crawling. I was happy for them but no excited cuz vince had difficulties and is delayed by it.
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