My son is almost 11 months old and isn't crawling yet, he just started getting up on his knees recently. He can stand up but with my help, he's not interested in walking tho. Doc says he's on track for development but should I be concerned if he's not mobile yet??

    Not at all!! Every baby is different and as long as he is able to hold his head up and is strong enough that he'd be able to crawl (which if he's getting up on his knees he is), actually doing it isn't a big deal at all. Some babies don't crawl at all - my son was one of them!
      Not at all! If the doc isn't concerned, you shouldn't be, either. Some kids just don't do things until they are ready, or going to be great at it. My ODD was 14 months before she finally walked. She never stumbled around, she never inched along the couch. One day she just got up and walked and that was that. My YDD walked at 9 months. Kids just do things when they are ready!

      Don't stress - enjoy it while you can, because once the walking starts, you've got a whole new world of playing catch up!
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