Mom Soft Spots

As a Mom, there are times where I know I should be more strict, but I'm not... I call it my soft spot.

I was huge into collecting when I was young, and both Mason and Audrey have certain things they want to collect. I always struggle to not buy them more to add to their collections - probably because the collector in me wants their collections to be complete!!

What are your soft spots? Where do you have a hard time saying no when you should?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    My YDD is a master manipulator. I mean you can't teach people to be as good as she is. There are days that have been harder than others, the days where you watch the clock begging it to be bedtime so that you can just have quiet. YDD will look at me on those days, often the culprit of 80% of my frustration/exhaustion, and just smile and say "I love you so much, mom."

    And I know she means it, but I also know that she knows she has been a pistol and this is kind of her version of apologizing.

    That's my soft spot. There is no one in this world who can push my buttons the way she does, but I have to admit, her skills are impressive. :-)
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