Share your recipes w me...pretty please..

Sometimes I get tired of my own cooking. I'm pretty darn creative, but at some point you feel like you have prepared ( insert main dish here ) every which way possible , and run out ways to switch side dishes.There are times when I cook and feed my husband and kids, and I eat cereal or a sandwich just because it's MY own cooking and it becomes somewhat redundant. Any of you ladies care to share your recipes or dishes ( signature or not ) with me? Doesn't have to be all fancy. I just want to try something else.

    I did/still do subscribe to It's very affordable and takes the guesswork out of dinner entirely. If you shop at one of a few major grocery stores, they focus their shopping list and meal plan around that week's ad. I seriously don't have enough good things to say about the service - totally worth the cost in my opinion!
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