"Star Student" at preschool

Audrey got an award at school for being the star student of the year. She was brought up in front of the school and given a trophy for being the most well behaved, helpful child in her class. I have completely mixed feelings on this and was wondering how all of you would feel.

On one hand, it was awesome to have her recognized and to have them reward her for her behavior. On the other hand, it really made Mason feel like garbage since he didn't win the award for his class. He was so sad that Audrey got a trophy and he didn't - especially because he was very well behaved the entire year as well and just wasn't as interactive as the kid from his class who won. His reaction makes me wonder how many other children were upset that they were well behaved all year and didn't get any recognition. The school did their best to not use the words favorite or best - but that's still the message Mason (and probably many others) took away.

What do you think? Is rewarding good behavior in this way a good thing or bad thing??

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    They also do a monthly award, but it doesn't include a trophy - just a little certificate and a badge
      I was really loved by headteachers .I think its great for kids to be given such courage
        CreativelyCarol Scrapbooking
        I don't like a once a year award, especially in pre-school. I think at this age, a weekly award is good so everyone gets an opportunity to be recognized. Even a child that has behavior problems can strive for a week to succeed, and it gives the teacher an opportunity to reinforce this good behavior
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