It's going to be a long summer

It's going to be a Looong summer vacation - sigh, the boys are already getting in trouble - and making us crazy! Today started with Micah, pushing Zander into the pond and came running inside. I'm happy and relieved that it turned out ok - and Zander didn't hit his head on a rock or even drown. I had to shower Zander off and put new dry clothes on etc. Micah now has his nose in the corner and is cut off from iPad and cartoons for a week. He's busy sobbing as he contemplates life - without his favorite pass times!

    Yep he's was pretty good for the rest of the day. I'm not a believer in spanking children as a form of punishment. I was really angry with him. He's a loving little guy so when I was mad at him that was sort of punishment in itself - he kept asking If he could have a kiss, so I refused him and he was visibly upset that I could say no. Later on we hugged and talked it over. I feel that discipline is a far better way to teach kids right and wrong and taking away privileges like TV and playing on the iPad really make them think longer about what they did. My kids are used to routine like chocolate milk and cartoons before breakfast and then in the afternoon they get a snack and are allowed to watch Tom and Jerry in the evening after supper they get 1 hour iPad time - take that away and they feel the "hit".... anyway this afternoon I took them to the park and we caught some minnows and looked for was a good way to get some outdoor time and not miss the afternoon cartoons too much.
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