When should babies sleep through the night

I think there are a few factors that contribute to the timing of this. Some mama's put baby in their nursery right away and establish a night time routine. We had Charlie in a bassinet next to the crib for 5 months then switched him to the nursery, but he has been sleeping through the night since 2 months. There is no time that babies "should" be doing anything. Every baby is so different and does everything in their own sweet time. If you're having difficulty with this, make sure you have as much of a routine as possible. Start winding down long before it's time for bed. Some mama's do a bath and story in a quiet darker room. Try not to stimulate baby at all at this time and be very consistent.

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      I think the term "sleep through the night" is very deceiving for some parents. A baby is considered to sleep through the night once they are sleeping a solid stretch of 6+ hours. 6 hours really isn't that much, especially if bedtime starts around 7-8!
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