Best Kids Movies

I got Holly the Little Mermaid for Christmas, I think we will get Toy Story also. I love all the classic Disney movies and want to start a collection. What are your babies/kids favorite movies? Were there any movies they loved that drove you crazy? I loved 101 Dalmatians as a kid and my mom said I watched it on repeat so often that she grew to hate the movie!​

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    I have collected all the good Disney movies but on vcr tapes. I remember loving the Disney movies as a kid and couldn't wait till it was something I could share with my kids. They love Cinderella, Aristocats, and Tangled is a good one that's new, they love all the Toy Story ones too.
      Amanda Hurley
      Free Willy. All four of them. Over and over and over. My two year old likes My Little Pony.
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