Going to See Santa?

Any good sitting on Santa's lap stories? Do your kids like Santa or are they scared of him? If you celebrate Christmas is Santa big in your house?

We are taking our little to see Santa for the first time in about a week. I am unsure wether we will see a happy little helper or a terrified one haha! My mom was always taught us the true reason for the season, however Santa was always a fun part of our Christmas. We did the cookies and milk and watched them track him on the news. My mom would even stick my dads boots in the fireplace and walk them to the tree so we thought he had been there.​

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    Santa's a big deal in our house and make him milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer. This year my 4 year old even had the idea to get Santa a present. I was so proud that she's actually getting the real meaning of Christmas other than just getting presents herself. We have tried to talk them into setting on Santa's lap but they want no part in it they just say " we'll just write him a letter". Once we went grocery shopping at Walmart and just so happened Santa was there that day and you could get your picture taken with him for free and then the picture packs were only $5 so I thought it was a great idea, them not so much they wanted nothing to do with him started to cry and wouldn't even take a candy cane from him. So we all got our picture taken with Santa that year. I was holding one kid and hubby was holding the other and we kneeled down beside him. So anyways I don't even force the subject with them, they are a little shy around new people anyways they can just continue to write him letters. I'll ask them every year but it's their choice.
      Aw how fun for you all and Holly! You will have to tell us what she does :)

      I am a lot like you.. we always knew the real meaning of the season, but my parents made it very magical about everything Santa too! We would always wake up to cookie crumbs and the milk gone.. what a sight to see! And one year we woke up to BOOT PRINTS in the snow.. makes me excited when OUR lil one can experience these things :)
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        We don't do presents from Santa, but I have a friend that insists that they don't have a childhood unless they sit on Santa's lap. I don't do it every year, but occasionally, we do go and get pictures. Usually, I just try and get a family photo shoot. I don't know how it's going to work this year though.
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