Mothers reveal all: The secrets to raising a successful child

This was a really interesting article from CNN. They interviewed the mothers of several incredibally successful people to learn their 'secrets'. Each one had incredibally interesting stories to tell about the decisions they made regarding parenting.

My favorite quote in the article was this:
"He was like a ball of fire as a little boy," the 90-year-old told me. "Like a thoroughbred. You didn't want to pull the reins too hard and spoil him, spoil his adventures and his madness but you had to pull a little bit."

While each mother took a different approach they all made unique choices based on their unique children. I think that's what's most important to raising a successful child. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to raising kids. Each kids need different boundaries and encouragements depending on who they are. Figuring that out is part of what's fun for me about being a parent.

What sort of unique approaches have you developed for your individual kids?

    I basically just try to follow my instincts on everything I do. I make the punishments fit the crime, and find that even with the same child my style changes as they grow!
      8Theresa Gould
      I really don't find it fun trying to figure out what unique ways I need to parent eight children. It's hard work and frustrating when something doesn't work. But I do love each of my children's own unique personalities and abilities. Thankfully some of ours are very similar and that's what we base our parenting on from the child before them, which helps eliminate some of the guessing.
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