What we took for granted.

Big thank you to Tabitha Hidalgo for inspiring this post. What do you realize now that you took for granted before having a child? I know we all have a long list, but pick one or two. Here are mine:

The trip to the grocery store, whether I needed 1 thing or 100 things. Going any time of the day. Being able to just zip on down to the store to get something I was craving. Finishing my entire list in one shot.. etc..etc...etc.


Going for a drive.. a long one with the radio really loud. Charlie loves being in the truck but of course I have to be aware of the volume with his little ears. I miss just hopping in the car, cranking up the music and singing my lungs out.

Neither of those two things compare to the instant deep profound love I have for my son.. but they are definitely things I took for granted. What about you?

    Sleep. All those nights I stayed up late instead of getting sleep. Now I can't get enough of it. ughh
      I didn't get to enjoy much in my adult life before having a child. I had Clara before I was old enough to legally drink lol. So needless to say, I didn't experience much before hand. But I do sorta miss being able to go anywhere and make plans on a whim. But honestly, I kinda still do that WITH a kid lol. I don't do much planning and I think it's better that way. Every day is an adventure and we just make up the day as we go!
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