My Car Buying Journey....Again...

So I've mentioned before that I'm in the process of car shopping. Well, after a few good suggestions, I've found out that I make plenty enough money to afford a newer car, but my credit hinders me from getting a loan from anyone. Which is fine. I'll accept that. There's nothing I can do about my credit right now. So I'll buy the not-so-legit car at a smaller lot and baby it. It's not in the worst condition, but it's not in the best either. It's a 2004 Chrysler Sebring. It's a car. And at that, it's my first car and I'm paying for it on my own, no co-signer or anything. So I'll buy the car and take as much care of it as I can. If it helps, I'll buy all new parts as quickly as I can to keep it up and running longer. The better I take care of it, the more money I'll get out of it later as a trade. And that's how I'm looking at it right now. I'm just thankful to have found something!

    Congrats Dale!! It must feel very empowering to be doing this on your own!!
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