Busy Busy Busy

We just got back in town and while the vacation was nice I feel SO far behind now. I brought my work with me to my mom's cabin but the internet was down so I couldn't do anything. I have a really important project that needs to get done ASAP as well as several smaller projects.

Because of the cold whether we're behind on getting our deck set up and garden planted. We have a short growing season as it is and I really need to get stuff going if we're going to have enough veggies this summer!

On top of that Avery's party is just under two weeks away and I have tons of little things to wrap up.

Between conference calls, appointments, work, gardening, party planning, father's day, and chores my head is spinning with to-do's! I know it will get better in a few weeks, but I need something to get me through!

How do you deal with busy times?

    I'm big on to-do lists. It really helps me organize myself and prioritize if I spend a couple minutes and write everything down. Plus I get a huge sense of satisfaction out of crossing things off my list!!
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        8Theresa Gould
        I make lists, even if it's to get it all out of my head. I usually go on little sleep as long as I can until I crash to catch up. We have been in a rather busy spot ourselves. I am still working on creating content for my HireMyMom.com client, farm stuff, house stuff and we just got all our garden in, just have to till up more ground to plant the rest of the potatoes. Plus some other seeds for succession planting.
          Goodness gracious, I got stressed out just reading that so I can only imagine how you feel!

          As far as busy times go, I seem to work really well under stress. It's when I have forever to get something done that I get all worked up about it, over think it, slide into a fit of doubts about my ability to do it at all and then at the last minute bang out a great result. It's totally unhealthy but it works for me!
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