Never a dull moment....flash flood

We had a down pour and flash flood here. THAT's when our dog decide it's a good time to get loose and go across the road to our neighbors! Ugh! My oldest and I got soaked in our brief walk. Thankfully, he was easy to catch! He's in detention now (the garage...not much of a detention) and doesn't seem ashamed at all. :(

The garden....not sure our tomatoes and peppers are going to like all this rain's suppose to rain tomorrow too. Sigh. Just hoping and praying for the best and an abundant harvest, eventually.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Oh no!! Glad you got the dog back quickly but boo for the garden!
      Oh NO! Funny how dogs don't seem to understand when you're upset with them. Hopefully your garden makes it!!!
      8Theresa Gould
      The garden survived the flash flood, thankfully!
        It's supposed to rain all week here in Dallas too. Glad y'all got the dog before he got too far. I hope the garden still has plenty of goods after all the bad weather
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