Signs of PPD

I suffered from some pretty nasty PPD after Audrey was born. It took me a long time to admit that there was a problem, and even longer to recognize it as PPD. I didn't feel sad or angry. I loved my daughter and had a great bond with her. I just didn't feel anything. I almost felt like a zombie, or like I was watching my life like one would watch a movie. I would react to things a certain way because I knew that's how I was supposed to react, not because I felt the emotions I was faking. It was very lonely, and I am so thankful that I eventually got the help I so badly needed!

If you are feeling at all unlike yourself after a couple weeks - or even up to a year after your baby is born, please contact your OB and get some help!

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    Good tips. Thanks for sharing.
      This is such a great topic to tackle, thank you for bringing it up! I'm thinking most women don't bring this kind of thing up because they don't see it as serious, we've been taught to grin and fake happy. The reality is you've got so much going on inside between hormone changes, sleep patterns being disrupted that there's really no big shock that some chemicals in your brain may be out of kilter too. And it's totally okay to talk to your doctor about it, even if you don't want medication. They may be able to suggest alternative ways to get through it.
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