Beginners stay at home work for moms

When my husband got laid off in 2008, I started doing little writing jobs. They didn't pay that much...maybe $10-$15 per article or post. I also got a research job with a midwife. It didn't last long but it was work. But with the advent of the internet, if you are a decent writer, you should be able to find writing jobs pretty easily. The key is to be willing to do anything within your moral circle. I even house cleaned for a period of time, since hubby was home to take care of the children.

I know some moms opt for customer service type jobs from home. I see those a lot when I am looking for extra work. I did something like that for several months. But I was actually a contact person for a company and Sam's Club demo departments. I would call and check to make sure they got their demo kits, tell them what was expected of the demo and follow up with them the following week, ask them about last week's demo and talk about the new one coming up. I enjoyed what I did and if I dare say so was good at it. It just got to be too much when my infant boy was no longer content to nurse quietly in my arms and mommyhood came first so I gave up my position.

Then I got more into blogging and virtual assistant work (if you have any admin experience...this is very low entry cost wise to start).

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    Great tips Theresa! I sorta fell into my job but it started as a hobby blogging and then evolved. There is money to be made by blogging, but it takes a lot of hard work and a ton of time and dedication before it starts to pay off!
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