Glucose Test.. Ugh!

..tomorrow I do my glucose test ladies.. and being the worrier that I am.. I am so worried about it! Especially about not passing.. my sweet friend helped subside some worries that you really cannot control how your body is processing things.. so to not worry until I have to.. I suppose I should have read up more about what makes or breaks this test.. I eat mostly well.. but I do love my sweets.. I workout daily.. haven't gained a ton of weight at all.. just freaked if something should come up or I have to take the test again.. or things are wonky with my body..

Any insight you all can give me? Should I be worried? :(​

    Don't eat fruit loops for breakfast lol. I ate them for breakfast then went in for my test around 10 or so and my levels were really high and I had to take the test again.
      lol.. thanks ladies.. I'm not worried so much about the test ITSELF.. I have to do it.. I was wondering more the logistics behind the levels and it all.. it's all pretty foreign to me.. passing vs. not passing.. anyone have a ton of insight on that? :)

      I've heard the orange isn't so bad.. some girlfriends JUST did it.. so it gives me some hope! And I will note.. no fruit loops before haha I typically have a banana and some organic dry cereal for breakfast :)
        Amanda Hurley
        Make sure you take something to eat afterwards. You are going to want to eat as soon as you are done with your hour, or you can get VERY sick, especially if you are not a big sweet eater. Also, try and eat a balanced breakfast before hand. I had 10 minutes to drink it. It is VERY sweet and taste like a syrup. Do not (if they give you an option) get the flavor of your favorite drink. It may ruin your drink FOREVER.
          Oh Meg!!!! LOL.. First.. Play it worse case scenario.. You and your baby have diabetes.. What happens? You deal with it.. and more than likely it GOES AWAY after birth. Done.. Will it be fun? No.. Will it be something you have to pay attention to? Yes. Will it kill you or your baby? .. I don't believe so, cause I know you would do everything you were supposed to.. then you may have a giant baby...
          End of story... Stay in the worst case... fear comes from unknown.. be aware of what you would do.. and that these Doctors are more than prepared to handle it if you DO test positive and then let it go...

          My second pregnancy.. I tested one number under the fail mark.. so I had to take the bitch of a test again.. Only when you do it again.. you don't take it once.. you drink it like 3-4 times in 4 hours.. and THAT"S awful.. I came out fine.. she came out fine. and I have giant babies... No one has diabetes.. Knock on wood...

          SO... Listen.. You don't have it.. You're fine.. but to calm yourself remind yourself that these things DO happen.. A LOT and very rarely are there extreme circumstance because of it.. so.. I always go to being prepared.. Okay.. instead of just worrying.. think about it.. what IF you DO have it? Worse. case.. no one is dying ... things will change a little. your food intake will change.. more rest.. but then you also get to see the baby more on the sonogram...

          And just FYI... I literally (no joke) at a gallon of ice cream a day with my first born.. a gallon.. no joke.. and i gained 58 pounds with him and I was FINE on the test.. My daughter.. I still ate my candy but not a lot of weight gained.. BUT.. with her.. I failed every test and had every pregnant thing go wrong that seemed to could.. and it was awful, but she is the happiest little person in the world!!!!
            LOl... I'll come visit anytime... but you got this.. You're normal.. I worried too.. A LOT.. that's what we do... I STILL have to go into "worst case".. so I know I can rally and handle anything...

            And no joke dude.. It was bad.. and delicious... But the glucose test totally ruined orange sherbet for me.. forever... Yuck.
              8Theresa Gould
              I always worried too. I have failed the glucose test a couple of times only to do the three hour test and have it turn out negative. I never had the glucose test with my last three home births, but my midwife would check my urine with a urine strip every visit without fail. I was always fine. I think you'll do fine and your friend is right you cannot control your body and what it is doing while you make this little one of yours. But you can honestly say your are doing your best food, exercise etc. so try not to worry.
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