Rewards systems for autistic children, how do these work?

Autistic children are often not motivated by the same things neurotypical children may be motivated by. They also tend to have a very low frustration threshold in certain circumstances, like a noisy classroom. The goal for a child on the spectrum is to help them learn coping techniques so they can be successful in all areas.

Rewards systems are truly excellent for this purpose. Different kids work with different children so it's something you need to play around with. Some kids love sticker charts, others like earning tokens to turn in for a prize. You would do best to figure out how frequently they need to positive reinforcement (with some kids it's very frequent). The goal should be to move the reinforcement to longer lengths of time as the child learns coping techniques and begins to implement them.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I don't have any experience with autistic children but I wanted to share we just started our points system up again, which is basically earning points for doing tasks and then they can spend them on a list of things (golfing, a movie, choosing dessert, etc.)
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