Fitness thread 05/27

Okay, so I allowed myself cake today in honor of Mini's birthday. Considering I pushed her out and kept her alive for 16 years I think I deserve cake, haha.

The rest of the week is going well. I'm still trying to stop snacking so much and I feel pretty good about my success rate!

Also, and this isn't so much about fitness but more about wanting to feel good about myself, I have been doing my hair and make up every day. I'm a girly girl and love this kind of thing, and honestly it is helping me feel confident. Not that I lack very much in that area, but I want to feel beautiful and sometimes us mothers forget that we are women too, not just mothers and spouses/significant others.

So, what are your goals this week? Anyone interested in starting a couch to 5k sometime in the very near future? For more info on couch to 5k read the link.

    8Theresa Gould
    I've been eating more veggies and less bread. Still haven't upped my exercise though.

    I'm not really interested in a 5k, not sure my bladder would make it.
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        Ooo you go Melissa. I love hearing how you are putting yourself first, eating better, prepping for your day, making yourself look AND feel good... it's all so important and I am glad you agree that as Mamas we need to do this more.. woo! I got my nails done this weekend, I always feel polished and put together when they are.. kind of lame, but for me, in my head, it does something :) I have also been working out daily, doing barre3!
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