5 Toys Your Child Doesn't Need (& 5 They Do)

Ok, this article made me chuckle. I think she makes some great points about certain things but that doesn't mean I've eliminated puzzles from our home. They have just been packed away for at least a year.

I have to admit that I definitely hated it when our children got battery operated blinking, noisy toys and tended to give them away or take them back!

We do use computer, a Kindle and iPhone. I think they can be educational tools, but access to them should be limited and monitored. I have nearly banned them for the summer unless they need it for school (we are probably going to school through the summer and take time off in the fall/winter).

I agree art supplies can be messy but I think they are good, especially now that my children are all getting older.

Our children loved beads and yes they were everywhere most of the time but they kept our children busy for long periods of time.

I like her five things children do need and ours take advantage of all of them but we don't get together a lot with other children.

What do you think of this list?


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