Surprised by Motherhood.

This woman is like me and I really want to read her book now! She never wanted kids before. I never wanted kids before I met David (he convinced me, ugh). But ask anyone I know and they'd tell you that I said for years and years I was never having kids haha. This woman lost her mother at 15 and felt she wouldn't be a fit mother because she didn't get a chance to really learn from her mom.

Did anyone else say they were never having kids? Did you lose a special maternal figure in your life and feel you weren't ever going to be ready for kids?…

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      Danielle Keltner
      I never lost anyone, but I always said I never wanted children. For me it all changed when I met my husband.
        4Maren West
        I lost my mom when I was 13, so my older brother and I had to help our dad take care of our younger brothers, Even though I was good at raising and looking after my younger brothers, I realized how hard it was and I vowed never to have kids of my own .
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