Packing Up the Pump..

Ah.. an article I feel so many of us Moms can relate to.. packing up the pump, finally stopping with giving your babe breastmilk of your own to them.. it really is an odd feeling.. the bond you get by just knowing they are getting nutrition so pure and from the best source.. you get attached to the nurturing, the line between you and baby.. it's a funny phase of life I think.. but I cannot imagine perhaps how sad and bittersweet it would be even more when you know you won't have any more kids.. it's like the last of the last.. that's what this article chats about :)

Mamas.. can you remember what it was like to completely stop breastfeeding or pumping? Was it hard? Were you glad? Sad?

I had a very rough few weeks personally.. I had a lot to go through in my mind about it all and things to come to terms with.. but I am happy to report that my little guy is healthy and happy!…

    Well I was only able to pump, and only for two weeks. (God deemed it pretty unnecessary for my body to produce milk for Lucas I guess. :( ) But I was pretty happy when I stopped, to be honest haha. I was tired and it hurt sometimes and it was just annoying to me. Hopefully it'll be better for next baby!
      Amanda Hurley
      With all of mine, I cried. Especially with Makenzie and her GERD. With Grahm, it wasn't so bad because we wanted another baby. I pumped with Connor til the day he died, so that pain is different.
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