"That" Mom

I'm 'that' mom, the one who obsessively checks the times of Lucas doing anything and never letting anyone hold him as soon as thy see him. If you're excited to see him, that's great, but let ME hand him TO you; don't just grab.

Do any of you mamas fit with the things she mentions in her blog?


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      I remember when my daughter was a baby and we took her to the shore with my fiances family. Before I could even change her diaper or feed her or get her dressed in the morning they were taking her from me and disappearing with her. Or if we were going to the pool I could barely get her bathing suit on let alone try to put sunscreen on her before someone was trying to rip her out of my hands to take her down to the pool. Like hellooo I know you are excited to spend time with her but at least let me get done doing the essential things to take care of my kid first. And it drives me crazy when certain people would take my kids for the day and throw them off schedule even though I wrote down how much and when to feed them and when they normally nap. Or stupid things like not feeding them real food. Or giving them gatorade instead of actual juice or milk. Its not a drink for little kids. Or not strapping them in the car right. My fiance's grandparents couldn't figure out how to strap the car seat in (even though we've showed them a thousand times) so the one time they took my daughter for the day his grandmom sat in the back and just held onto the car seat. Not strapped onto the car in any way shape or form.. WTF. what good would that have done if they got into an accident?! Or people yelling at me for following what the doctor says because doctors are quacks and only out to get money from you. And people think I'm a mean or crazy mom... really. Oh I am totally "that mom"
        4Maren West
        Oh yes I am totally that mom, especially after giving birth to Asher. Whenever we go to a family function or to a house people wanted to take him out of my arms as soon as we entered the door and I would literally yell and curse at people to back off and let me and my son through and let us get situated and I also decided who got to hold him and I only trusted my dad and stepmom to take care of him when my husband and I would go away, I have been like that with every one of my children
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