Do You Believe Children Should be Seen and Not Heard

I always remember hearing this from my parents as a child. I don't know that the phrase does the right thing though. I do believe children need to be taught to be respectful, and to not interrupt and be well behaved in situations with adults. Do I think children should never be allowed to speak? No not at all. As long as they are taught to be respectful then I think it is fine for children to be seen AND heard.

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    I totally agree! My husband was raised very strict, not supposed to address adults, etc. He now sees why/how it is so important for our children to be able to speak openly or to just be heard! Everyone needs to feel what they have to say is important, even if they just want to ask for a hug or a cookie.
      I think the phrase speaks more towards the idea of knowing children are there, but not to put much stock into them until they are old enough to have a real discussion. As in adults and children are not to mingle or "play" together. Children are to go off on their own way, supervised, but with other children and that adults are to simply make sure they are safe. I don't agree with it. It instills the idea that children and adults are on two different levels and that adult matters are of greater importance. But we were all children once and I think it's important that adults remember that. If you didn't like being ignored as a young child, don't do it to your children. I know my former inlaws were that way. When they all got the family together, all the young children were just let free and nobody talked to them, nobody listened to them, nobody paid attention to them. The teenagers did, because they were seen as old enough to understand some adult matters, but children were completely ignored. It was frustrating. They saw the children as burdens and not worthy of their attention at a party. They are just "kids" and their feelings, thoughts, etc., don't matter right now.
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