when do you let toddlers walk instead of carrying them?

I know all babies learn to walk at different ages. My question is when do you let go or feel appropriate to let them walk, holding hands or loose? As in from house to car, or around a park, parking lot, store?

TremaHamilton, Ohio
    4Santana Ferrell
    We started at 1 and let them walk as far as they could. they were completely out of strollers by 4.
    I guess this is more of what I was trying to get at. The walking AND following instructions/boundaries . I know there are too many toddlers who can walk perfectly fine, but do not comprehend or listen well enough to have this responsibility of "walking alone".
      Its still a challenge when we go out in public. When we are at home or the playground or something they run all over the place. But at the store our 3 year old can get down and walk and keep up but our 18mth old can't. But that's more about convenience and safety than her ability to.
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