Any moms of recent High School Grads out there?

In my coaching job I work a lot with teenagers and high school aged kids. I was talking to some of my girls who are about 16 thinking, gosh I cannot even picture what holly will be like at 16 I feel like she is so grown up already and she is only 15 months old! I sure understand what my mom meant when she said I still see you as my little baby.

As moms of older kids what is that like for you?

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    Emily still has a few more years.
      I can honestly say I am super blessed. My 16yr old is my easiest child right now. She has some of me in her, but she has a completely different life/childhood than I did so a lot of the things I did/went through are not even an issue for her. THANK THE LORD!
        My daughter just turned 16 and it's so surreal. I look at her and still see the little girl, but I also see this fabulous young woman she has turned into. I can't bear the thought that in just a few short years she may go live her life without me being a major part of it any more, it's heart wrenching if I think on it to long. BUT, and this is what I remind myself, I want her to be a happy and successful adult. If she gets to that point I can find peace with no longer being part of her inner circle. I don't want her to need me as much as she does right now, I keep having to remind myself of that. I want her to be happy and independent.
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