Sometimes your normal is not actually normal.

I am still learning how to deal with Bub's aspergers. Now don't mistake the title for me saying he is abnormal, he is perfectly normal for who he is and I love every thing about him. What I am talking about is parenting behaviors that stem from being in the battle zone, so to speak.

Today during Bub's counseling session his counselor VERY kindly called me out on the fact that I tend to speak for Bub without even thinking about it. Not always, but I do this mostly when I can tell he is uncomfortable in a situation. This is my normal, most parents don't like to see their children uncomfortable. I do understand now though that I have to allow us both to be uncomfortable in order for him to grow as a person.

So, do you have any parenting things that are probably not average parenting techniques, but just what you use while in the trenches of parenting because it WORKS?

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