4 year old birthday ideas

I like to do theme parties, to a point, My soon to be 8 year old almost always has his party at the park. It is a family style b-b-q with siblings and parents of his friends invited. Decorations are minimal. Cake, games and take home bags are theme related. His birthday is in August.

My youngest will be 4 in October. His first two birthdays money was tight so we just had a few friends at the house for cake and ice cream. Last year he was scheduled for heart surgery 5 days after his birthday. Because of this it was essential he did not get sick or exposed to a virus so we just had cake and ice cream with a couple friends who'd had no illness in the home in over a month. We hadn't even planned to have them but his big brother invited them because he felt his brother needed friends to make a proper party.

I am thinking of making costume/dress ups kind of an ongoing theme for him and blending that with the party theme. This year is looking like an m&m theme.

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