Share some nursery decor ideas

After going through so many ideas for Charlie's nursery I opted for nothing at all. Right now I have his little blankets up on the walls (for the color and texture), and his winter beanies that gramma knitted up as a border along the top of the room. I think maybe a little later I'll start decorating but I change my mind too much.

I really like the idea of owls, or elephants. They make the cutest stuff for nurseries! Since Charlie's daddy works for the railroad, he'll have a lot of train stuff in there so ultimately I'm sure that's what I'll go with.

What did you ladies go with? Was it an easy decision?

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        My initial idea was Winnie the Pooh, but what has taken over and become even better is decorating with some of the gifts we've received, both for Maddie's birth and her baby shower. A friend got me a personalized alphabet blanket, and we had that on her wall for a while (until she learned the ABCs and wanted to play with it!). That same friend got us a mom + dad = you picture frame and used our 3D sonogram along with photos from my wedding. Finally, we have a Winnie the Pooh framed picture that used to hang in my niece's bedroom from my sister-in-law. Those are the things that really mattered and made the room special.
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