Article & question for parent's with older kids

So, I have a while before Charlie is a teenager but I do wonder how parent's today are dealing with these types of issues.

Would you let your teenager go to a coed sleepover? Would your decision be different if you had a son or a daughter?

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    I haven't put much thought into this. I can't imagine that it's something that teenagers would want to do but that's just me. As a teenage girl I would have hated the thought of waking up with boys in the room, my hair all messed up, in pajamas, teeth not brushed. I'm sure that's not the issue here but for me personally, it's why I wouldn't have wanted to go.

    I wouldn't call it a coed sleepover, but when I was 13 until about 15 or so each year the Church youth group would put on this "lock in". We would spend the entire night in a gym and not sleep at all. That was a different scenario I guess, because there were plenty of chaperones. But it's as close as I can figure.
      I am pretty sure that I would never have been allowed to go to one when I was a teen. I do know, though, that my youngest brother has attended them, but they were always in the homes of parents that my mom was very well acquainted with, and his friend circle was always pretty 50-50 boy-girl, so I guess it's hard to say! It depends on the age and the supervision, I suppose.
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