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​My boyfriend and i have been having unprotected sex for 3 weeks and i am still not pregnant. What can i do to increase my chances?

    I just wrote this in another post about trying to get pregnant... Again, I am NOT Doctor.. just a mom and observer of what's worked with my friends...

    There is nothing wrong with you.. I have many friends that when planning for a baby they waited for years... it's always seems the "non planned" ones happen faster... And by non planned I don't mean a whoops necessarily.. Just not trying NOT to get pregnant.. That was me.. We decided both times to just stop trying to NOT have a baby and we got pregnant within 6 months...

    I will say.. and by NO MEAN am I advocating an irresponsible life style.. But BOTH times I got pregnant were after weekends where we had been to parties or had parties and one weekend for me, we were at a wedding in Vegas and drank Bloody Mary's non stop... I worried for a long time that that would be a problem.. but ut wasn't.

    My point is.. sometimes the second we let go of the pressure we put on ourselves.. our body relaxes and then things happen.. Our minds are powerful.. You desire may be stronger than you know and manifest into tension..

    Tell yourself.. Okay.. I'm NOT going to try until after the Holidays.. and just let it go and enjoy.. and see what happens...
      Just keep trying. RELAX is the best advice. Like Lisa said, there is a lot of info in Mom's Expertise. Three weeks... You COULD easily be pregnant and not know it yet. I have been having unprotected sex for three and a half years... actually, almost four now. I have been pregnant once in that time frame. That's highly unlikely to happen to you, but relax and give it time.
        Me and my boyfriend were discussing when i was ovulating and it was only a week ago so it may be that i got pregnant when i was ovulating. Thanks for all the advice!
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          Kayla Green, any news? How's it going otherwise? Hoping for the best for you!
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