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Sami was born Sep 26, '09 and Ali was born Apr ​12, '13 so they are about 3.5 years apart. I am happy with the spacing because Sami loves Ali and loves to play with her and is big enough to be able to help entertain and take care of Ali. There were quite a few times when Ali was really little that Sami would ask if she could feed Ali. About half the time we were nursing so she couldn't but the other half of the time she could because we gave her formula also. She seldom ever sat there long enough for Ali to actually drink the whole bottle but she would sit and feed her for a short while.

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    There's only 11 1/2 months between my girls. Sometimes I love that they are so close but other times I wished I would've waited a little longer. I tell everyone I should of had twins. It'd been easier on me lol.
    Yeah. Seeing how labor and delivery goes for you might be a major deciding factor. It is for many women. Labor and delivery weren't too horrible for me the first time so I wasn't too terribly worried about it the second time. They say that after your first baby labor and delivery gets easier. My second time labor and delivery was a tiny bit longer and a bit more painful but the nurses and the doctor were amazed at how quick it was and how easy I made it look compared to some. Also see how you recover from labor and delivery the first time because that may weigh heavily in deciding on timing. Also how the first two months of having the baby home might also be a huge deciding factor in the timing. Our first baby was an angel of a baby. Incredibly content to play by herself and look around. She was an active baby super smart. We actually quit trying to prevent a pregnancy when she was about a year and a half old it took until she was three to conceive again. After this second pregnancy I think I am done having babies. Ali was super colicky for the first three months and Sami acted out horribly because of it. I was home 24/7 mainly by myself with both kids. Stressfull doesn't begin to describe it. I absolutely love babies and would love to have a houseful plus some children but I still think I am done having children.
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