Toddler with fever no other symptoms

I just went through this last week, spent the entire week frantically googling answers, so here's what I have to share.

If it's just a fever, odds are it's just a virus-based illness. Keep this list in mind:

Normal temperature – 97 to 99 degrees (36 to 37.2 Celcius).
Low-grade fever – 99 to 100.9 degrees (37.3 to 38.3 Celcius).
Common fever – 101 to 103.5 degrees (38.4 to 39.7 Celcius).
High fever – any fever over 103.6 degrees (39.8 Celcius).

And note that low-grade to common fevers are not dangerous in and of themselves--they are signs that your little one's body is fighting an illness. Should you treat it? Not always--if your child appears to be suffering negatively from the fever, treat it. If not, you can let it go untreated. To quote Dr. Sears, "Treat the child, not the fever."

I did not use a cooling bath to treat my daughter's fever. I have read that lukewarm baths can be used, but they should be used in addition to OTC medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I like that quote too. If we didn't do a bath, we'd use cool cloths and essential oils. But for the most part our children tend to sleep off a fever and fight it that way. Usually in 24 hours they bounce back and are themselves again.
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