Things to do with your teens

I really do not have any trouble on what to do with our teens. Of course they love to go out to museums, shopping, go-carting, golfing etc. But sometimes we do is the simplest things, such as sitting around talking, walking around the farm looking at the animals and talking about them or the girls giving me updates. Our girls are unique in their own ways, yet they are pretty easy to please for the most part....unless it's that time of the month, ha!

Daughter #1 is so focused on school and getting things together for college. She loves to write, take photos and read.

Daughter #2 loves to read, be with her cows and goats, bake or cook or make goat milk soap.

Daughter #3 loves cats, loves to read, and has been developing a love for writing. She also loves horses.

What do you do with your teens or what do they like to do?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    9Michelle Fritch
    Mine like doing the same as yours. Emily is my only teen so far and she likes doing all the normal teen things, Jordan will be a teen this summer, he's a good kid too and likes hockey and cars. The other kids are still growing and learning new things every day, they like doing the things their older siblings do.
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