Childbirth relaxation techniques

By learning how to breath and relax properly, you will be in a much better position to cope with labor.

In the early stages of labor, you will need to breath in and out slowly as each contraction starts. The secret is to close your eyes and inhale calmly through your nose, imagining that the breath is filling every part of your body. Concentrate on relaxing all of your muscles as you do so. Then, exhale slowly through your mouth, this time imagining that you are drawing out and exhaling the pain of your contraction.

You may have been taught visualization techniques in your prenatal classes. The principle here is to focus on an image or visit a place in your mind that you find calming and soothing in order to take your mind off the pain.

As the contractions become more intense, you will probably find that you need to take shorter breaths, in groups of two or three, since strong contractions make it difficult to keep up the slow breathing rhythm.

A good massage is always relaxing and can relieve backache. Asking your partner to extend the massage to your shoulders, neck, face, forehead. Make sure that your partner warms his hands and removes any jewelry.

Essential oils are used to sooth and relax the body. It is thought that the oils trigger the nervous system to produce natural endorphins, and this helps reduce tension and alleviate of the pain.

Moms Expertise
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    Clary Sage-relieves tension, brings on labor, helps with expelling afterbirth
    Geranium Rose-enhances circulation and is good for labor management techniques which focus on breathing
    Jasmine-dulls uterine pain, strengthens contractions, promotes birth and increases milk supply. Excellent when mixed with lavender and a carrier oil of Evening Primrose and Vit. E for perinial and cervical massage
    Lavender-dulls and eases uterine pain but also increases the strength of contractions while calming the mother. Great for reducing stretch marks!
    Myrrh- speeds labor, opens cervix
    Neroli-reduces fear, tension, insomnia, apprehension, anxiety
    Rose-cleansing effect on the uterus, antidepressant, softens ligaments

      Prepare a labor cd to help u relax the more u relax the faster labor is
      a mixture of relaxing songs to help u like this one
      Ill post it in a bit
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