Hungry Baby!!!

My son is 4 and a half months... He is in the 80% for weight, 100% for height and 90% for his head... He eats about every 3 hours he will only drink 5-7 oz at a feeding... when 5:00pm hits he is hungry!! Like eating 2 containers of stage one veggies with cereal mixed in them... PLUS a 5oz bottle!! He is happy after and doesn't spit up anything... Is this okay that he is eating so much... I know he wants it and it makes him happy and satisfied and not sad... Is there anyway it could be to much food for him at one time? It takes him about an hour to eat it all...

Just wondering how old your little ones are and how much they eat??? And If my son is just a really good eater.


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    Yes he has always been a good eater... He has been eating cereal since he was 2 months and carrots, squash or sweet potatoes since he was about 3 months... I have not asked my Dr about this... but if you girls say not to worry and it makes him happy then I don't think I need to ask her. NOW if he was NOT eating that would be different. Yes he is teething... I guess I better pull out his 12 month clothes soon cause he's going to be in them in no time. Who's else's baby is 4 months and in 9 month clothes? ha ha
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