Love my little man to pieces ❤️

These little guys are my life and especially the itty bitty one ❤️

Love my little man to pieces ❤️Love my little man to pieces ❤️
Stephani HarperAttleboro, Massachusetts
    Stephani Harper
    Debi is certainly is difficult to raise three kids. The baby is a piece of cake but the older ones are a piece of work lol. We have it more difficult than some because the tallest boy is my stepson but the baby is ours. We have our moments as a family that was brought together by marriage and then just as a mid size family. My two older boys eat me out of house and home lol. They both play baseball on the same team which is really cool but beside the baseball it's hard for them to get along. My stepson has had a tough life since he was around 1 (before I met his dad). Both hubby's parents passed away by the time Gabe was 2 and he was close to them, then he lost his cousin on his moms side that he was close to, then in 2012 he lost his baby sister (she was stillborn). And about 3 yearsago we found out that gabe was molested by his moms ex. So as you can see he's a challenging child.
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    I'm 30, married for 6 years and mom to three awesome kids plus sadly an angel mom to a baby girl Alexis. My kids are Gabriel (9 and my stepson), Dustin (9), and Joey (8 months).