New moms, old moms?

Did you or are you having trouble with your SOS helping you with the baby or am I the only one dealing with a prick!?!?

    I heard something a few years back that stuck with me when it comes to this. Moms have nine months to bond with this little person inside of us, and we do it very well since they live inside of us. Some men might be happy about the idea of a baby, but they don't really bond with an "idea", if that makes sense. We get a head start with the whole bonding thing.

    With that in mind, we can encourage them to grow that bond too but remember we have a head start in this area. Some men quickly bond and really step up to the plate. Others take a while to warm up to the idea of being a parent and everything it entails. Just keep encouraging and don't be afraid to step back and let daddy do things his way sometimes. THAT is how they bond.
      Trying to be he better person...... This is the email I sent him

      This is me putting myself I'm your shoes. From the moment I found our we were pregnant I was already in love with him. But then again he was inside me. It's not the same for men. The thing is that we became so close that I thought we were going to be a side by side the parents. Putting blame of either of us aside, you don't have any say when it comes to Dylan. I apologize for you feeling that way. I will make it a point to include you. You also have to work with and show that you care. I love you so much love for you and it hasn't faded one bit. Please know that you are very important to me, your my soulmate my best friend. But also understand that I am a mom and he needs someone to do almost everything for him. I will make it a point to show you more that you are loved and appreciated. I hope that we can move past this and become stronger as a couple, parents, and individuals.
      That we can work together as well as we do everything else together.

      Always and forever
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