SO has LT disability

Does your spouse or significant other have a long term disability? Erik has chronic pain issues mainly in his back, hip and right leg. When he was 25 he was hit by a moving vehicle going 45 MPH. What is worse is that he was a pedestrian at the time :/ From observation, I also think he has mild TBI traumatic brain issues due to some unreasonable decisions he's made. When we discussed those decisions, there seemed to be some holes in his thinking....

Since we've dated, he hasn't kept a job longer than 2 months. The jobs he goes for are physically taxing on his body. Right now he is working with Vocational Rehabilitation to help him get into a line of work that makes sense with his physical challenges.

I met with our pastor alone today to discuss some of the challenges in our relationship. I may not stay with him, but I'd like to. I would want to stay with my baby girl's Dad and I can't imagine raising with a different father. I guess I'm posting in hope of reading some responses that are inspiring and hopeful.

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