Best Thing for Teething?

I've seen the fancy freezable teething rings. I've seen people who just give their kids veggies to gnaw on. I've seen the rubbery, gummy things too for teething. I've heard put whiskey on it and they'll be fine. (Hey, I'm from the south... not condoning giving alcohol to minors here.)

Do any of these things have risks, besides the whiskey lol (like some pacifiers are 'dental approved' or whatever so it won't mess up their teeth)

What actually works? I'm guessing it varies by kid​, but what worked for you?

    8Theresa Gould
    We used the freezable teething rings and teething biscuits/cookies. With the cookies you have to stay with baby because eventually they get soggy and break off and I wanted to catch any large chunks in case of choking.
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        Amanda Hurley
        We found the frozen washrags to be the best and cheapest route. I also used teething tabs and drops.
          The freezable teething rings really work well for us, and even the none freezable rubber ones. Those sorts of things seem to be the best. As far as the pain goes ive heard tylenol and teething tablets are the best. But most docs recommend you only resort to meds for it if it really seems unbearable for them. My 8 month old still has no teeth but should get some any day now so I will let you know how it goes haha!
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