Cord Blood?

Mamas.. I haven't done much research.. but I remember making a mental note of "cord blood" and if we should do it, save it, bank it, whatever.. for years down the road and how it could help in a health situation.

Do any of you have an opinion about it? Have done much research?

All input appreciated! :)​

    8Theresa Gould
    Cost was what stopped us from doing it. I only did a little research with our first and maybe our second. I always thought it was a good idea in theory, just in case, but was never open to sharing that cord blood outside our immediate family. I just did a survey of sorts about cord blood, can't remember what for though.
      We tried to donate, but the sites we tried weren't accepting for our due month. After much discussion we decided it was something we wanted and that it would be worth it overall to try. We found an affordable plan, did what we needed to qualify, and I just received my kit. I can't think of a better gift for my baby, or his/her siblings then a second chance should anything happen. We did a lot of researching before we decided to, and talked to consultants from different companies. Cord Blood Registry was the choice for us because it had the most affordable plan.
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