Family Disowns me !!

Has anyone ever been disowned from there parents?? Well i have my whole family my mom dad sister and brothers wont talk to me.. I left a guy i was with for 13 years because he was physical and emotional abusive to me .. i meet a female and fell in love with her i had told my parents about it and they disowned me its been 5 months since i have spoken to my family i have tried to call them and talk but they never answer what would you do if you were in my shoes?? This is my family and i feel like am being punished for living a horrible guy and they blame me its hurts so much please respond back to me and tell me what would you do ??

    I have not been in this situation. I am sorry you are going through this. sometimes it is very hard for people to accept change and things that are different or scare them. It may take a while of you reaching out for them to come around. Then again there are just some people who are closed minded and will never come around. I hope that is not the case for you, I hope that if you continue to reach out, tell them that you still care about them and that you are here if they are ever ready to accept who you are and come back into your life. I hope that you can reunite with them soon Heather Clemons
      Leah and Brandy no my parents hate i mean hate its strong wrong but i know them and they hate that i am this way.. So they wont ever come back around and my x husband is close with my parents and they told he will always be family it upsets me becasue this guy abused me in front of my kids and they act like it no big deal i just want them to love me for who i am but its never gonna happen.
        So it should be to tell them that and not them?? i though as a parent you should love your children no matter what and not treat them horrible..
          That will never happen to me i know my dad and my mom always agrees with him.. they already told my little brother his not allowed at my house so i know my holidays are gonna be harder so how does someone get through this and let her parents go??thanks linda
            Linda yes they know he was abusive to me but they love him away my whole family was just together last Saturday. and they got along with him you know it hurts to find out that he can come in and after being divorced he can act like his family,. i told him not to go over there i called my daughter on Saturday morning to find out where they were and how they were doing and they were over there it hurt me then i tried calling my mom around 10pm to talk to her she didn't pick up as usually and i didnt get a hold of my kids that night, i hate that do this to me but what i am suppuse to do ?? please help
              I know it's hard but your family's being disrespectful of you. never feel bad for leaving someone that's abusive. trust me. it's not worth it. I'd let them know that they can have their own opinions about your lifestyle but in the end you have to live with the choices you make and right now, you're happy with your girlfriend, not some douchebag abusive guy that couldn't give two sh!ts about you.
                Thank you so much that meant everything to read this Kelsee you really made me smile yea ever time i try to talk to my mom about him she sticks up for him everytime it hurts me allot i cant believe afteri told her he almost rapped me before i moved out that there all close with him and she just doesn't beleive in me anymore it hurts,,
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                trying to have a baby with my girlfrind please help i have two beautiful kids with my x,