Barre3 Online.. for Theresa & Others Interested!

Hey Gals.. I get NOTHING for sharing this, besides the joy that you might start to love barre3 as much as I do :) But I got an email about a Holiday deal they are doing for ONLINE classes.. incase any of you wanted to give it a try.. I know Theresa and I chatted about it! It makes working out DO-ABLE as a Mama.. and goodness, great for a lady's body :)​

Barre3 Online.. for Theresa & Others Interested!
    8Theresa Gould
    Thanks, Meg. I still have the barre3 window open in my browser! Just have yet to actually do a workout. My problem is I'd probably have to do it at this time of night because I don't want anyone knowing I'm doing it nor do I want them watching me!
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