Okay To Show Video of Delivery to Other Children

I would say this would not be a good idea. I cannot recommend you even show it to your own kids let alone someone else's. This is a great memory for you to have for yourself and your husband or SO, maybe one day for your children to see when they are adults or old enough but not something I think anyone outside of that circle would want to see. I personally would not want to see that would most definitely never want it shown to my kids.

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    My bf is 48 years old and even he didn't want to watch delivery videos. I'm just not sure why a child would want to see it at all. Even if for some reason they did, you just can't unsee some things and I don't think it's a good idea to show it.

    But there are plenty of resources out there about teaching kids about how kids are born. I would look into those before even discussing the fact that a video exists.
      8Theresa Gould
      We didn't take any videos or photos of any of our births just after. I wouldn't show them to our children. I didn't even want my daughters present.
        Before I had Mini one of my best friends had a baby and she had pics taken during birth. She asked me if I wanted to see them, warned me there was some nudity but I was interested. Keep in mind I was about 8 months pregnant with my daughter at this point.

        I wished she hadn't shown me the pictures when we were done, haha!

        So no, I wouldn't be showing pics or a video off to my kids. Some things are better kept private and for adult eyes.
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