Father's Day

Has anyone started thinking about it yet? It is June 15th. My husband will actually be getting back from a Bachelor party in Nashville for one of his friends whoes wedding he is in later this summer. So I am not sure he'll be up for too much that day haha. But he is a huge golfer so I am thinking maybe getting him something golf related and a new framed picture from my daughters 1 year pics for his desk at work. And cooking a nice dinner.

What do you plan to do for Father's Day?

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      This is Ed's first Father's Day. He doesn't typically celebrate anything at all so I know if I didn't do anything he'd be fine with it. But that's not okay for me. He is the most incredible person, partner and father. So.. knowing him the way I do I'd like to make his day perfect. That consists of me not nagging him lol. Just letting him go tinker around and work on projects and spend the day in the garage without being interrupted. He's always so busy with things, it feels like he never just gets a chance to sit and be a boy.

      So.. It'll be a giant steak, potatoes and corn on the bbq. A case of beer waiting in the garage for him, and a blueberry cheesecake. :)
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