Not a baby anymore

So, last night I realized while Aiden was reading his Lego City book to me, that he isn't a little baby anymore. He's an independent kid. He still needs his mommy but my baby burrito is growing up. I was amazed at all the words that he could read in that book. Dangerous, remind, tire, detective..I couldn't believe it. Only pausing maybe 10 times for word help. After he went to bed, I looked up the DRA level for this book. It is like almost a 2nd grade book. I remember that beginning of the year when he was so upset that he couldn't read, would cry because other kids in class could and he couldn't. He is SO proud of himself now, and he wishes to read to his class before the end of the year. He does make me so proud.
Pictures are Aiden Mother's Day 2014 at Circus.
And Aiden about 7 ish months 2006. TBT!

Not a baby anymoreNot a baby anymore
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